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Buying a new luxury home: A necessity more than just a luxury

Buying a new luxury home: A necessity more than just a luxury

The covid-19 outbreak gave a new outlook on owning a house; it became a basic necessity than an asset like before. The work from home trend is now balancing personal, professional, and social life amidst accommodating all their needs. 90% of the home buyers want their home set up like offices and private outdoor space. The importance of owning a home during the pandemic plays a prime role.

The interest rates are low compared to the past 15 years. The slash o stamp duty and the new reserve bank policies support the home buyers to own houses. Many developers are giving good schemes and discounts with low-interest rates, while the banks are also giving out a good ample number of opportunities.

The demand is rising post the pandemic era and the need to own a house is now greater than before. One-fifth of the Indian population is now ready to make investments in the real estate sector. The attractive virtual house tours and online listings make it the right time to negotiate and buy a house in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India.

The rented property gives you short time benefits and the, in the long run, the expense is more and the rent is going to inflate. If you invest in a residential property, it can gain you a secondary income and when the market eventually rises than your buying price, we can sell it off too. The amenities, comforts, luxuries, and security the builders prove are amazing and fulfill most of the needs of the clients.

The gated community sites are safe and secure while owning your private space. More than 91% of the people in the last decade go for buying a house over leasing. 67% of the potential home buyers need a home as a necessity than a luxury asset.

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